Welcome To Global Kids Explore!

Our Mission

To provide creative and innovative educational services that reflect both present and future opportunities for youth preparing them to compete across the globe through our networks across the United States, in our offices in the Midwest, South and West Coast.

Our Vision

To provide co-marketing venture opportunities and exclusive rights to entrepreneurs to sell “Kids Explore” franchise units and/or open a given number units in a large geographical area within a specified period of time.

Our Services

To provide a range of specialized foreign language services and customized programs by taking advantage of the extensive network we have built over years of collaborating closely with Japanese Education Foundations, Japanese Education Advocacy Organizations, Japanese Teacher Recruitment Agencies, Japanese Cultural Organizations, and schools and universities throughout the US and Japan.

Our Companies

Kids Explore Japan

Kids Explore Japan aims to expose the youth to non-traditional foreign language and culture, which in this case is Japanese. Kids Explore Japan Program‘s primary objective is to introduce Japanese language and culture to children so that they may broaden their horizons and expand their minds. 

Z-Light Innovations

Zoë “DJ Z-Light Patterson” is a 19-year-old DJ, student, and business owner who has wowed diverse audiences of all sizes with her impeccable mixes, style, and charisma. Zoë is part owner of Global Kids Explore, LLC where she has managed Z-Light Innovations.

Tiger Paw Training

Athletic Trainer, Tiberia Patterson, started Tiger Paw Training to teach children the proper stretching techniques to protect their body from injury before and during competition. In addition, he teaches how to fuel the body with the proper nutrition for maximum performance.

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